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Meet The Team 

Hendrickson Transportation, LLC is a family owned and operated company. We believe face-to-face connections are important. Thank you for coming to meet our team! 

Darin Hendrickson, CEO

Darin Hendrickson 


Jodi Hendrickson, CFO

Jodi Hendrickson 


Tuesday Leseberg, COO

Tuesday Leseberg 


Boo Leseberg, Executive Administrator

Boo Leseberg

Executive Administrator

Tyler Greene, Service Manager

Tyler Greene

Field Operations Manager

Cole Tackett, Human Resource Manager

Cole Tackett

Human Resource Manager

Tyler Beam, Quality Control

Tyler Beam

Project Manager

Kris Shipley, Transportation Manager

Kris Shipley 

Transportation Manager

Elaine Lewis, Assistant Finance Manager

Elaine Lewis 

Assistant Finance Manager

Jeremy Huntley, Foreman

Jeremy Huntley


Jeff Ruby, Foreman

Jeff Ruby


Brian White, Farm Manager

Brian White 

Farm Manager 

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