Safety is always number one to Hendrickson Transportation. Our priority is to be able to complete each job without injury or accident. Our safety manager provides all employees with monthly safety training. Each employee is expected to participate in safety education and training. All field employees are provided with the proper PPE and are required to use it when in the field. Ultimately, every employee is held accountable for the safety of themselves as well as others around them.  

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September Safety 

Your hands are your most valuable tool! There are many things you can do to keep your hands safe, and here are a few of the most common:

  1. Wear Gloves: Always protect your hands by wearing work gloves when handling rough materials or performing operations where you are using your hands to lift or move objects. ​​

  2. Machine Guards: Never operate machinery that does not have a working guard to protect your hands. 

  3. Remove Rings: They can very easily catch on machinery and other objects, resulting in lacerations, amputations or broken bones. 

  4. Sharp Objects: Utilize the correct safety procedures when handling knives, box cutters and other sharp objects. 

  5. Pinch Points: When using your hands to move an object, whether it is on a hand truck or you are carrying it, be sure your path is wide enough for you to move through safely before you start the job. 

  6. Speak Up: If you have any other issues regarding the protection of your hands on the job, talk to your supervisor.