Employees of the Month 

September 2021 

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Storm Barrett   
Team Member of the Month 

Storm has kept busy during work hours since day one. He has brought a work ethic to our company that we admire. He always comes in early and stays late to accomplish anything and everything that has been asked of him, as well as whatever else he notices needs done. He rarely takes breaks and always ask what else he can do to help. Thank you, Storm, for always showing respect for not only you job but you co-workers as well. 

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John Jones   
Operator of the Month 

John will operate at any site, in any piece of equipment, whenever he's asked and never complains. He pays exceptional attention to detail in whatever equipment he is operating and always makes sure maintenance is completed with great attitude. Thank you, John, for always being a great example of what HT appreciates in it operators. 

August 2021


Tasia Propp  
Team Member of the Month 

Tasia is deserving of this honor because she contributes to our team in many ways. She stays on top of her assigned certified payrolls and invoices. She never complains when news subs are assigned to her, in fact she begs for it! She helps however she can. Not only is she the account manager but has taken on the role of managing the monthly newsletter and website. Recently she has taken on another new task of helping with timesheets every Monday morning. Tasia is recognized as knowledgeable, creative and a loyal teammate. Congratulations Tasia for Team Member of the Month. 

Tasia is from Sidney, IA. She has been married to Seth for 11 years and together they have two sons, Zaine and Turner. What Tasia loves most about working for Hendrickson is the fun loving family atmosphere. When she is not busy with payrolls, she enjoys riding horses, going for motorcycle rides and spending time with family. 

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Andrew Christiansen   
Operator of the Month 

This month, operator of the month goes to Andrew. Andrew is the most helpful person on site and is responsible, unassuming, cares about others before himself and puts safety first. He is the ideal employee. Andrew has been with us for awhile and is constantly looked at to be a mentor for new operators on site. He is respectful and always volunteers to do whatever necessary. He is dependable and always has a positive attitude. Congratulations Andrew for being Operator of the Month! 

July 2021

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Tyler Greene  
Team Member of the Month 

Tyler started as an operator and was approached to fill in as a foreman for just one week. He has continued to fill the needed foreman role for much longer with respect for not only the company, but also coworkers. He keeps a level head in situations and provides constructive feedback. He consistently does whatever is asked of him and stands behinds his team. He keeps the best interest of all parties in mind when handling day to day task. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes is right and shows unwavering support for the development of HT's best interest. Congratulation to Tyler Greene for his continuous display of leadership! 

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Jake Thorne
Operator of the Month 

Jake came to HT in hopes of any job at all. He wasn't picky. He just wanted to work. He stood by his word and has been nothing but respectful since day one. Jake has been a manual laborer, fuel guy, worked his way to operator and now learned to be a grade checker. He always shows up to work on time and goes far beyond the bare minimum. Anytime he is asked to learn something new, he never complains. If his day is rerouted to do something different, he never complains. If he's working outside in 100+ degree weather, he never complains. Jake shows a work ethic and attitude we are proud to have on the team. Congratulation to Jake Thorne! 

June 2021

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Tim Binau  
Team Member of the Month 

Tim is a great leader and brings positive energy to the shop. He is willing to help whenever and wherever needed. Tim had to take some time off but when he came back to work, he was willing to step up and take on the new position as shop manager. Congratulations to Tim Binau for Team Member of the Month! 

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Steve Sonnichsen
Operator of the Month 

Steve is a top-notch employee. He shows up early and is willing to stay late if needed. He can run any machine Jeff puts him in on the L575 levee project. Steve has a great attitude and always gives his foreman and the HT company 100%. Steve helped by tearing down the lumber yard in town after it was hit by the flood. Steve is truly a role model. Congratulations to Steve for Operator of the Month.  

May 2021


Blake Reed 

Team Member of the Month 

Blake not only shows up and puts in the work but takes time to teach as he goes and always has a smile on his face while he does it. He is a valuable asset to our team, and we couldn’t be more thankful for this team players attitude.
Blake is from Sidney, Iowa and currently resides in Riverton, IA. What Blake enjoys the most about working for Hendrickson Transportation is the willingness of the operators to jump in and help get their machine back up and running. When Blake isn’t hard at work or teaching operators, he enjoys pheasant hunting.

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Pat Kahue  

Operator of the Month 

Pat always helps when needed. He will jump from task to task as he is asked. He takes the time teach not only operators but laborers as well and always does it with a positive attitude. He is one of the first to show up on a rain day and check in. Pat always makes sure he represents HT well.
Pat is from Hamburg, IA. He has been married to his wife Melanie for 30 years. He has two grown children, Krista and Kaleb, and three perfect grandchildren. Pat enjoys working for Hendrickson because we are doing something big to help our corner of the state and out little city! When he is not working Pat enjoys spending time with the grandchildren, family, fishing and hunting.

April 2021

Jeremy Huntley.jpg

Jeremy Huntley 

Team Member of the Month 

Jeremy is always positive, a great leader with high energy and will do anything he asks an operator to do. He started out as an equipment operator and has now taken on the position of foreman at the L550. He stepped up when he was needed and has proven to be a team player. He works hard and has put in the hours to show that he has the best interest of the company. Jeremy is doing a great job and deserves to be Team Member of the Month.
Jeremy is originally from Hamburg, IA and currently resides in Rock Port, MO. Jeremy has been married to Holly for seven years. Together they have 4 children, Cayden, 18, Brydon and Tayleigh, 17 and Wyatt, 11. On his time off, Jeremy likes building and working on classic cars. Jeremy say’s he enjoys working at Hendrickson Transportation, LLC because of the great family atmosphere.

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Joshua Pals 

Operator of the Month 

Josh always has a positive attitude and is willing to do anything. He cares for the Hendrickson team, equipment, and always shares how grateful he is to work here. He is willing to help all others on site when they need it. Josh should be everyone’s role model when it comes to attitude. He shows up to work with a smile on his face every day. When you give him a task you never have to worry about him getting it done. He has been seen on several occasions jumping in and helping other operators clean tracks and grease at the end of the day. Congratulations to Josh Pals for demonstrating qualities HT is proud of!
Josh is originally from Sigel, IL. He has never been married and has no children but has been blessed with 12 nieces and nephews. When he is not working, he enjoys catfishing on the Missouri River for big ole flatheads and blues. Josh enjoys all the people he gets to work along side in the field as well as in the office. What he enjoys most about working for Hendrickson’s is being given the opportunity to learn, grow and work everyday at a job he loves doing. He is super excited to see what the future at Hendrickson’s has to offer him.

March 2021

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Lance Lansdown 

Team Member of the Month 

This employee does an amazing job supervising night shift. He is a good egg. Lance was the first to volunteer to go to night shift on the L536. He supports the project no matter the situation. He does not cater to cry babies but leads the team to do better. He is always willing to teach and explain. Lance goes above and beyond of what he was originally hired to do. Lance will also slip into any seat you ask him to. Congratulations Lance.
Lance currently resides in Rock Port, MO. He is married to Tami and they have two children, Leah and Colby. Lance also has two grandchildren, Rory and Newt. When Lance is not hard at it working, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends on his family farm. When asked what he loves most about working for Hendrickson Transportation he said, “I absolutely love the fact that Hendrickson’s is a family business. As a member of this team, I have always had full support of the entire organization. Every teammate is treated like family. As someone that has traveled the country working from Coast to Coast, this is not something you often find.”

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Ryan Sjulin 

Field Staff Member of the Month 

This employee was chosen as a field staff member of the month for his team driven attitude. There is no job that he asks someone to do that he will not do himself. The team that works with him values his leadership and relies on his experience to keep them going. He boosts morale and is always one of the last to leave for the day. Ryan is from Hamburg, IA and has two children, Chandler and Dane.

February 2021

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Kris Davis 

Team Member of the Month 

This employee provides HT with an excellent work ethic that all should follow, has vast knowledge and experience in her field and provides HT with a credible finance department. She is willing to learn new skills to help maximize efficiency and build our reputation. She also is always working diligently to keep subs happy, can always be found with a smile on her face to cheer you up, and is always willing to help when there is extra work to be done. Her can-do attitude and habits of finishing the job no matter how late it is in the day or how long it takes are just a few reasons why Kris Davis is so deserving of this honor.
Kris graduated from Rock Port High school and currently lives in Rock Port, MO. She is married to Gary and they have two kids. Kris has a son, Taron Davis and a Daughter Thyra Beckman. Kris said her favorite thing about working at Hendrickson Transportation is the challenges her work gives her and she loves the people she works with. When Kris isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her kids and grandchildren.


Wayne Hardy 

Field Staff Member of the Month 

This operator is unquestionably the hardest working employee we have. His no-nonsense approach helps complete job assignments and requirements not only on time, but usually ahead of schedule. He demonstrates leadership and teamwork and is never afraid to crawl in the dirt to make sure things are done right. He puts in extra hours without being asked and always makes sure he is busy. He not only does what is required of him, but also steps up and completes anything and everything he sees that needs done. This operator is more than capable of leading an entire project but is also willing to do grunt work without a single complaint. He never asks for more and always appears genuinely grateful for what he is handed. Congratulations to Wayne Hardy for hanging with us a whole year and setting the standard for work ethic at HT.
Wayne is from Montana. He has been married for 30 years. Him and his wife have 7 kids. Wayne loves to be working even when he is not working. He said the best part of working at Hendrickson Transportation is that every day brings something different to do.

January 2021

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Jeff Ruby 

Team Member of the Month 

Jeff goes above and beyond the duties he is paid for. Whether you have a flat tire or just need someone to talk to about personal issues, he is the guy that will have your back and you know you can always go to him. Jeff demonstrates excellent leadership and is not afraid to put the site back in order when it is needed. He never misses a day of work and prioritizes his team over everything else. The comradery created on his site is something to strive for on every job. “How could you ask for a better boss?”, a direct quote from the nomination. Congratulations to Jeff Ruby.
Jeff currently resides in Union, NE. He is a graduate from Nebraska City High School in Nebraska City, NE. Jeff has three children, Damen, Nicole and Azaria. When Jeff is not being an amazing boss at the L-575, he likes to go hunting and fishing. Jeff said the best part of working for Hendrickson Transportation, LLC is the team he works with. He loves the daily challenges and just loves moving dirt.

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Codie Sloop  

Field Staff Member of the Month 

Codie is an employee who is out in the elements every day. He puts in early morning and is dependable. He always has a smile on his face and works well with everyone. He does what he must do to keep everyone going and never complains. We could not do what we do without all our mechanics, but Codie Sloop has proven to go the extra miles for our employees and deserves this special honor. Thank you, Codie Sloop, for always supporting our operations.
Codie currently resided in Fairfax, MO. Codie is a graduate from Rock Port High School in Rock Port, MO. After high school, Codie went on to get his degree and graduate from Milford College. When Codie is not running from site to site, he enjoys hunting. What he enjoys the most about working for Hendrickson Transportation, LLC is the people he gets to work with every day.

December 2020

Kris Shipley.jpg

Kris Shipley 

Team Member of the Month 

Kris was nominated for working hard and putting in a lot of hours, not only during the day but the evenings and weekends as well. She took control of transportation and worked in the office alone while Monica had to work from home. She works well with Monica in the transportation department. She is always willing to do whatever anyone needs help with and is a very pleasant person to be around.
Kris graduated from Saint Alberts in Council Bluffs, IA and currently resides in Riverton, IA . She is married to Jerry and together they have a 7 year old son, Zach. Kris is currently attending Bellevue University to get her Masters in Business. When Kris isn’t working, she enjoys spending her time with her family. Kris said her favorite part of working for Hendrickson Transportation is her co-workers and her boss. She says they are the best group of people she has ever worked with.

Justin Christiansen.jpg

Justin Christiansen 

Operator of the Month 

Justin was nominated for taking great pride in the work he does whether he is on-site or off-site. He is looking to further his education and make this a long-time career. Justin is willing to work for less without hesitation or complaint. Justin is a true team player.
Justin graduated from Sidney High School and currently resides in Nebraska City, NE. Justin has been married to Leesia for 6 years and has three children. He has a daughter Kayli and two sons Kaden who is 10 and Gunner who is 4. In his spare time, Justin, likes to hang out with his family and take his boys hunting and fishing. Justin’s favorite part about working for Hendrickson Transportation is the respect and appreciation they give each of their employees.

November 2020

Elaine Lewis.JPG

Elaine Lewis 

Team Member of the Month 

Elaine was nominated for doing such an amazing job each week with the payroll. She is also always willing to help wherever needed in the office. Elaine graduated from Rock Port High School and still lives in Rock Port, MO. Elaine has a son Treyton Lewis and a daughter Taya Lewis as well as two step kids, Mike Lewis and Beth Graves. When Elaine is not taking care of our pay checks, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their children. Elaine loves watching the Kansas City Chiefs, Kansas City Royals, and the Missouri Tigers. Elaine is expecting another grandchild this coming April. Elaine says her favorite part about working for Hendrickson Transportation is all the wonderful people she gets to work with and the fact that we are all like a huge family.

dustin stevems.jpg

Dustin Stevens 

Operator of the Month 

Dustin was nominated for his hard work that he puts in every day. Dustin never says no and will always have a smile on his face, even when he is knee deep in mud. Dustin graduated from Hopkins High school and currently resides in Maryville, MO. Dustin is married to Christy and they have a son, Brentley Stevens. Dustin loves spending time with his family, fishing, and hunting. What Dustin loves about working at Hendrickson Transportation is being able to work outside and the great group of guys he gets to work with.

October 2020

Monica Bissen DONE.jpg

Monica Bissen 

Team Member of the Month 

Monica was nominated for stepping up to fill a vacant position with the L-536 sign ins. Monica always has a smile on her face and is willing to help with anything. Monica graduated from Harlan Community High School and currently resides in Sidney, IA. Monica has 3 ornery boys, Daniel, Jed, and Josef. When Monica is not telling truckers where to go and what to haul, she enjoys home remodeling and refinishing or building furniture. Currently, she is attending college for Emergency Management. Monica is also part of the Fremont County Fair Board Youth Committee. Monica says her favorite part about working for Hendrickson Transportation is always being busy and she loves the people she works with every day.

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Gary Hanshaw  

Driver of the Month 

Gary was nominated for always willing to do anything asked of him. Gary is willing to learn how to run any piece of equipment that he is put into. He is always willing to work and will even show up to work on his days off.

September 2020


Gus Leseberg 

Team Member of the Month 

Gus was nominated for stepping up from being an operator to a foreman at the L-536. Gus has a good head on his shoulders and has helped with running a smooth operation. He is always smiling even when he is busy all day with phone calls. Gus graduated from Hamburg High School and currently resides in Fairfax, MO. Gus and his fiancé, Boo, are to be married this December.

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John Pilcher 

Operator of the Month 

John was nominated for showing leadership and always being on time. John takes pride in every piece of equipment that he runs and whichever piece of equipment he is running is left clean at the end of the day.

August 2020


Sam Welch 

Team Member of the Month 

Sam was nomincated for Team Member of the Month for always being so willing to jump in and help. She genuinely cares about Hendrickson Transportation, LLC. She is very pleasant to work with and is always a team player. Sam has proven she is willing to work wherever she is needed.
Sam graduated from Hamburg High School in 2008. Sam has been in the military since 2006. She has two boys, ages 10 and 8. In her spare time she enjoys playing volleyball, working out, traveling with her boys, and helping Veterans gain access to numerous programs such as her non-proft 23 to zero which helps bring awareness to Veteran Suicide.

Todd Moyer.jpg

Todd Moyer 

Operator of the Month 

Todd was nominated for Operator of the Month for his improved attitude and work ethic. His peers stated he now has a great, can- do attitude and he is more than willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done. He works at any site or job needed.
Todd grew up in Percival, Iowa and graduated from Sidney High School. He currently resides in Nebraska City, Nebraska with his wife Melinda. They have 4 beautiful children; Aaron, Andy, Chris, and Jake. In his spare time he enjoys boating, and spending time with his 6 grand babies! His favorite part of working for Hendrickson Transportation, LLC is working with the people he does and what he does for work. Todd also loves the Iowa Hawkeyes.